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E -Pay Roll News

1.Personal Pay  for High School HM  and SG Asst, Conveyance Allowance for Disabled and AHM allowance is change  DUEs detail using edit option in Current detail of individual. 
PP  treated as  allowance. No DA and don't Calculate HRA as like as Deputy Tahsildar and Deputy Block Development Officer for Revenue Department.
2.Revision of Pay Arrear -  Check all details in Arrear statement , schedule and outer (Enfacement and outer in Gross & Net Amount as same as in all)  then click forward in arrear bill . Next  Bill Approve in DDO Lgin same as click  Revision Pay Arrear - Approve
3. After that ECS Reports are Generated in Accountant Login . Enter Bill number sequence in your MTC 70. Then click Download SES File.


  1. Is possible to regenerate a arrear paybill if once generate an arrear bill

    1. Only possible if not approved by DDO once approved we can't regenerate DDO level conduct district treasury officer

  2. October SLS arrear has not come in pay revisions arrear bill

  3. Ramanarajan AEEO OFFICE HOSUR11/20/2017 2:08 am

    Special Allowance Paid in October 2017 old salary.
    But in October 2017 Pay arrear, it not deducted in drawn column.
    What to do? Software to be updated.


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