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TN Schools 10th Quiz - Android App!

Best Educational Android Apps For School Students!

1. TN Schools 10th Quiz (Created by Govt School Teacher)
A quiz based application for Tamilnadu 10th Standard syllabus.

* This is totally “Offline” app. That means it doesn’t need internet connection to work.
* It covers 10th English and Tamil Medium all subjects book back One Mark Multiple Choice Questions.

* Chapter wise questions have been included from the School Books. Students can select a topic from the list.
* Correct answers are indicated by green and wrong answers are indicated by red.

* In every attempt all questions and options will be shuffled.So students can attempt the same chapters any number of times. Each time a different set of question are displayed from the database.
* Favorite and Tough Questions, book mark option available. It can be run like a separate quiz.
* Calculating sums can be find out by using the pencil edit option.
* Final scores will be appeared with appropriate sounds like “Claps”, and also added with gold, silver, bronze and wooden cup images for students encourage.
* At every time, the scoring can be saved automatically in the phone.This Means Teacher or Parent will know students all quiz attempt - time and score.
* Also Score History button and Score Clear Button available.
* It also having the scores sharing option Available.
* Over 1500 questions covering all the Tamil Medium and English Medium.

This Quiz App Creates by Mr. Madhan Mohan, Govt School Teacher, Vellore District, Tamilnadu.

Click Here & Download 10th Quiz App:

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