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12th Maths - 30 Days – Scoring Worksheet - Day 3


XII Mathematics

30 Days –Scoring Worksheet - Day 3


Part I - 3 Marks

1)      A semielliptical archway over a one-way road has a height of 3m and a width of 12m. The truck has a width of 3m and a height of 27 m. Will the truck clear the opening of the archway?

2)      The maximum and minimum distances of the Earth from the Sun respectively are 152 x 106km and 94.5  × 106 km. The Sun is at one focus of the elliptical orbit. Find the distance from the Sun to the other focus

3)      A concrete bridge is designed as a parabolic arch. The road over bridge is 40m long and the maximum height of the arch is 15m. Write the equation of the parabolic arch.

4)      Find the equation of the parabola end points of latus rectum( 4, - 8)and ( 4 , 8)

5)      Find the vertices, foci for the hyperbola 9x2-16y2=144


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