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1.      Why Eichornia crassipes is popularly called ‘Terror of Bengal’?
2.      What is periplasmodial type?
3.      Define Palynology.
4.      What is called cryopreservation?
5.      List out the uses of Bee pollen.
6.      What is called Mellitopalynology?
7.      Write a note on Aleurone tissue.
8.      Does environment play a role on sex determination in plants?
9.      What is Colchicine?
10.  Plants are sessile. How do they protect themselves from the exposure of sunlight throughout the day?
11.  What is consensus sequence?
12.  What is PCR?
13.  What is Palindromic repeats?
14.  What is walking genes?
15.  Write a note on i) ELISA ii) DNA probes
16.  Define the genetic term Barcode.
17.  What is known as transgenic plants?
18.  What are synthetic seeds?
19.  What is soma clonal and gametoclonal variation?
20.  Define Paleoclimatology.
21.  What is known as Albedo effect?
22.  What is called Rhytidome?
23.  Define Ecotone.
24.  What is called edge effect?
25.  What is proto cooperation?
26.  What are called Hygrophytes?
27.  What are calledtrichophyllous plants? Give example.
28.  What are tropophytes?
29.  Explain the types of carbon.
30.  What are called as Blue carbon ecosystems?
31.  Define limnology.
32.  Define oceanography.
33.  Define go green or What is 3R approach?
34.  Define biomagnification.
35.  What is carbon sink?
36.  Define biomonitoring.
37.  What is Gamma garden?
38.  Write a note on NORIN 10.
39.  Why do popcorn pops?
40.  What do you mean by the term Pseudo-cereal?
41.  What was called vulcanization?
42.  Write a note on Champaran Satyagraha.
43.  Write a note on Maduramalli.

1.      Define apospory.
2.      Define callus.
3.      What is endothelium?
4.      Define grafting.
5.      What is sporopollenin?
6.      What is known as back cross?
7.      What is called F1/First filial generation?
8.      Define Gene.
9.      What is genetic code?
10.  Define genotype and phenotype.
11.  Define Heterosis.
12.  What is punnet square?
13.  What is okazaki fragments?
14.  Write a note on primase.
15.  What is transposon?
16.  What is BAC?
17.  Define phagemid.
18.  Define plasmid.
19.  What is Taq polymerase?
20.  What is phytoremediation?
21.  What is Agar?
22.  Define cybrid.
23.  What is organogenesis?
24.  Define biome.
25.  What is a) Hekistotherms b) Megatherms c) Mesotherms d) Microtherms.
26.  Define a) Biomass b) ten percent law
27.  What is oil spill?
28.  What is sustainable development?
29.  What is called germplasm collection?
30.  What is quarantine?
31.  What is spawn?
1.      Write the formula for Recombinant Frequency (RF)
2.      Protocol a) Glyphosate tolerant potato plant b) Green fluorescent protein c) Micropropagation protocol for banana d) Virus free meristem tip culture
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