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About MSWLogo programming Language:
This is a very simple and easy-to-learn programming language developed for educational purposes by MIT(USA) under a free license. Though it is so easy to learn, it is also so powerful as any other professional language. 
In this program, a turtle (a little triangle) moves on the computer screen holding a pen. The path of its movement makes a drawing. While moving, if it lifts the pen no drawing is made. That is all about the program.  

Why should we (especially school kids) learn?
It helps students to learn 'how to learn' and enhances their logical thinking power and mathematical problem-solving skills.

Who should learn?
For Kids of age (5 +) & Adults of age (x+)
It gives hours of intellectual enjoyment to adults.

About me:
I did my B.Sc in Scared Heart College (1976) and B.Tech in MIT, Chennai (1979). I worked in India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, Qatar, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan for nearly 37 years in Fertilizer and Oil & Gas Industries. I retired in 2106. Now I am a certified tutor from VidyaNext to teach Mathematics to Secondary School students. I am passionate about teaching mathematics and computer programs for school students.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,
S Rajarajan
Phone: +91 8110098066


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