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மார்ச் 27 முதல் தேர்தல் முடியும் வரை தொடர்ந்து பள்ளிகளை திறந்து வைக்க பள்ளிக்கல்வித்துறை உத்தரவு.

Attention is invited to the letters cited in reference above. 


As it has been proposed to live web stream poll proceedings , during the ensuing General Elections to Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 2021 , vendors for live web streaming have been instructed to inspect all polling stations on 22.03.2021 and 23.03.2021 . From 27.03.2021 to 02.04.2021 for installation of camera , 03.04.2021 and 04.04.2021 for first dry run and 05.04.2021 for second dry run. It is therefore requested to instruct all the Chief Educational Officers , District Educational Officers and Block Educational Officers under your control to keep open school buildings which are to function as polling booth and to extend their full co - operation for live streaming on the day of poll


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