TET - 2013 Certificate Verification for Absentee Candidates | (10.06.2014 to 13.06.2014)

TET - 2013 Certificate Verification for Absentee Candidates

Teachers Recruitment Board  College Road, Chennai-600006
Certificate Verification for Absentee Candidates
As per the Notification No.3/2013 published on 22.05.2013, Teachers Recruitment Board conducted Teacher Eligibility Test 2013 for Paper -1 on 17.08.2013 & Paper-II on 18.08.2013 and Provisional result and final answer key were published on 05.11.2013 in the TRB website.
The Board had already conducted Certificate Verification process for those entire candidates who have secured minimum eligible marks in Paper-1 & Paper II on various dates. Inspite of repeated opportunities which were already given to the candidates, certain candidates have absented themselves from the above mentioned certificate verification.
Now the Board has decided to give an one time final opportunity for the absentee candidates and release the Certificate Verification list herein.
Candidates are advised to download the Certificate Verification letters and other relevant forms and attend the certificate verification as per the schedule given therein (10.06.2014 to 13.06.2014). It is also decided to give one final chance to all those candidates who have not submitted the required certificates during the earlier certificate verification process. No separate intimation will be given. All such candidates are informed that this will be final chance and no other chance shall be given.

Utmost care has been taken in preparing the certificate verification list and in publishing it. Teachers Recruitment Board reserves the right to correct any errors that may have crept in. Incorrect list would not confer any right of enforcement.


Dated: 29-05-2014
Member Secretary


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  2. இதுலயும் கலந்துக்காதவங்களுக்கு அவங்கவங்க வீட்டுக்கே வீட்டுக்கே போயி certificate verification பண்ணுங்க ....ஒங்க பணி ரொம்ப செறப்பா இருக்கும் ...
    இன்னும் எத்தனை வருசத்துக்குத்தான் இப்படி certificate verification பண்ணிட்டே இருப்பீங்க ....

  3. ungala yaruna ketangala verification again panunuga nu apram ena mairuku da ithu pandrenga, kalanthuka virupam eruntha munadiye vara matangala pongada nengalum unga trbum............. trb is a pools paradise...............

  4. Thanks a lot for the golden opportunity.


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