DEEO பதவி ஒழிப்பு: தமிழக அரசு முடிவு.-4ஒன்றியங்களுக்கு ஒரு DEO நியமனம்,முதன்மை கல்வி அலுவலர்களுக்கு முழு அதிகாரம்!


  1. Good afternoon!!!

    I appreciate the initiative of Govtof Tamilnadu in reorganising the School Education dept. I am sure, the govt is going in the right direction.

    In this connection, I would like to share my thoughts on the same. In fact, these proposals were given by me some time ago. I reproduce the proposals for the kind attention of respective authorities. These proposals, if implemented, will totally revamp the system and bring about radical changes in effective management of the dept.

    Quote :

    [03/05 10:11 PM] Siva Prasad: Good evening sir!!!

    Hope you are busy with pay commission implementation.

    In this connection, I would like to share my thoughts for your perusal and necessary action.

    1. Pay band to be fixed 15600 + GP 5000. Revision keeping this as base.

    2. Accordingly, multiplication factor to be considered - 2.82 instead of 2.62

    3. Unfortunately, a BT joins as BT and retires as BT with minor exceptions. Hence, scale of pay may be revised to reflect promotional grades and monetary benefits.

    E.g. Instead of just two increments, the pay band and GP shall be revised as if a promotion grade offered.

    3. In most other departments, in administrative levels, a junior assistant gets periodic upgradation/promotion and reaches the highest category over a period of time. Most of them become gazetted officer in due course. The entry level position demands a pass in matric/SSLC, a graduate in certain categories. His growth in hierarchy gives a greater potential to scale the ranks periodically.

    For example, a junior assistant in revenue department could become a Tashildar or even a DC/DRO; similarly his counterpart could become a BDO/RDO in rural development department; a CAO in judicial department, a District Registrar, an RTO, a CTO/AC and so on.

    Unfortunately, the teachers are teachers from beginning to end. It's not only pathetic but ironic.

    To overcome this irony and anomaly, a suitable system to be kept in place. I would like to suggest the following:

    a. Administrative roles to be revamped providing more posts.

    b. A Joint Director / DD is the highest level in all depts reporting to the District Collector. Under him, so many officers work.

    In line with this, the CEO position to be enhanced to JD level; DEO to CEO, AEEO to BEO etc. The jurisdiction may be reorganised to provide for more CEO, DEO and AEEO posts. A BT Asst could become an AEEO in a span of 7-10 years and progressively DEO in next five years and CEO 5 years thereafter.

    If the jurisdiction of an AEEO is restricted to 10-15 schools, a DEO to manage 20-25 high schools and a CEO to manage 50-60 schools and a JD becoming the District level officer would bring about the desired results. This not only would create more posts but improve supervision of schools. There will be qualitative improvement across the levels.

    d. The level of secondary HM to be fixed a grade above PG Asst as this would eliminate the claim of analogous posts.

    I am sure this would enhance the quality of life of BTs.

    I am sure, you will accept the above suggestions and take up the same with our association higher ups for further discussion.

    I shall provide more inputs as and when required.

    [03/05 10:14 PM] Siva Prasad: This message was sent to Mr. Nandakumar for his comments. Understand, Mr. Mayavan is visiting Kgi tomorrow. You may like to discuss this with him.

    Please let me know your comments. I will be pleased to give more details if needed.

    Unquote :




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