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EMIS Flash - 14.06.2022

sir/madam                                                                                                                                                                                  1. TC has been opened up for all classes. 

2. Way in which student list is shown has been modified for faster access.

3. No issues regarding data saving with TC. Isolated cases are dealt with on a case to case basis.

4. Exit survey for vocational students save issue to be fixed by 6.30 pm. 

5. More tweaks and updates are planned to be released tomorrow for further ease of use and efficiency.

Kindly note : NONE of these updates are related to server / server speed. Server is functioning efficiently and is only utilized upto 50% capacity even when maximum users are working on it.

We have had over 75000 TC generated today, most of it since 12 pm after the updates were rolled out. We hope the process is going smoothly now. You can inform the schools to continue to issue TC tomorrow. By state emis team


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