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Best NEET Coaching Centre in Tamilnadu

10th Maths - Unit Test 1 - June 2023 - Monthly Test Question Papers



10th Standard - March 2022 Monthly Test & Unit Test Question Papers & Answer Keys




TIME:1.30Hrs MARKS:50
I.choose the best answer 10x1=10
1.A={a,b,p}, B={2,3},C={p,q,r,s} then n[(A∪C)xB] is
a)8 b)20 c)12 d)16
2.If there are 1024 relations from a set A={1,2,3,4,5} to a set B , then the number of
elements in B is
a)3 b)2 c)4 d)8
3.If the ordered pairs (a+2,4) and (5,2a+b) are equal then (a,b) is
a)(2,-2) b)(5,1) c)(2,3) d)(3,-2)
4.if {(a,8), (6,b)} represents an identity function , then the value of a and b are
Respectively a)(8,6) b)(8,8) c)(6,8) d)(6,6)
5.Let A={1,2,3,4} and B={4,8,9,10} A function f:A→B given by
f={(1,4),(2,8),(3,9),(4,10)} is a
a) many- one function b) identity function `
c)one-one function d)into function
6.If f:A→B is bijective function and if n(B) =7, then n(A) is equal to
a)7 b)49 c)1 d)14
7.if g={(1,1),(2,3),(3,5),(4,7)}is a function given by g(x)= then the values of are
a)(-1,2) b)(2,-1) c)(-1,-2) d)(1,2)
8.f(x)=(x+1)3- (x-1)3 represents a function which is
a)linear b)cubic c)reciprocal d)quadratic
9.If {(7,1), (5,a)} represents an constant function then the value of a is
a)7 b)11 c)5 d)9
10.If f(x)=x2+5 then f(-4)= a)26 b)21 c)20 d)-20
II.Answer the following questions Q.No 20 compulsary 10x2=20
11.If AXB={(3,2),(3,4),(5,2),(5,4)} the find A and B
12.Find AxB,AxA,BxA given that A=B={p,q}
13.A relation R is given by the set {(x,y)/y=x+3, x∈{0,1,2,3,4,5}.Determine its domain
and range
14.A relation ‘f’ is defined by f(x)=x2-2 where x∈ −2,−1,0,3 (i) list the elements of f
(ii) Is f a function
15.Let f={(x,y) /x,y ∈Ν and y=2x} be a relation on N find the domain , co-domain and
range .Is this function
16.Let A={1,2,3}, B={4,5,6,7} and f={(1,4),(2,5),(3,6)} be a function from A to B show
that f is one-one but onto function
17.Let A={-1,1} and B={0,2} If the function f from A to B defined by f(x)=ax+b is an
onto function find a and b
18.Find f°𝑔 and g°𝑓 where f(x)=2x+1 and g(x)=x2-2
19.find k if f ° 𝑓(𝑘)=5 where f(k)=2k-1
20.let f(x)=x2-1 find f °𝑓 °𝑓
III.Answer the following questions 4x5=20
21.Let A={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}, B={2,5,7}, C={2} verify that Ax(B-C)=(AxB)-(AxC)
22.Given the function f:x→x2-5x+6 evaluate (i) f(-1) (ii)f(2a) (iii)f(2) (iv)f(x-1)
23.Let f={(-1,3),(0,-1),(2,-9)} be a linear function from Ζ into Ζ find f(x)
24.If f(x)=𝑥−1𝑥+1, x≠1 show that f(f(x))= −1𝑥 provided x≠0
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