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12th Bio Zoology Question Bank - Chapter 10,11,12





Chapter 10: organisms and populations

Two and three marks

1.      What is ecosphere?162

2.      Define van’t Hoff’s rule?164

3.      Define Bergmann’s Rule?164

4.      Define Allen’s rule?164

5.      Define Jordon’s rule?164

6.      Differentiate stenotherm and eurytherms?165

7.      What is Phototaxis?165

8.      What is Phototropism?165

9.      What is Photokinesis?165

10.  Define Pedogenesis?166

11.  Write the major functions of soil?166

12.  What is Coriolis effect?167

13.  Differentiate absolute and relative humidity?167

14.  What is known as Acclimatization?167

15.  Define population?173

16.  Which factor increase the population? how to calculate it? Or explain about natality?174

17.  Explain about population decline factor? Or explain about mortality?174

Five marks

1.      Describe the essential properties of water?166

2.      Explain the properties of soil?166

3.      Give a detail Analysis of two species population interactions?177

Chapter 11: biodiversity and its conservation

Two and three marks

1.      Define biodiversity?181

2.      What way biodiversity help us?182

3.      What is species diversity?182

4.      Explain the three indices of biodiversity?183

5.      Which are them determining biodiversity distribution patterns?184

6.      Give the reasons for the richness of biodiversity in the Tropics?184

7.      Explain Rivet popper hypothesis? 185

8.      What is habitat fragmentation?190

9.      Write about jhum cultivation?191

10.  Coextinction is one of the factors for biodiversity loss. Discuss. 191

11.  Define hot spots?192

12.  Writhe names of hotspots present in India? 192

13.  Give an account on project tiger?193

14.  Write the general strategies for conservation?194

15.  What are protected areas?195

16.  Define wildlife sanctuaries?195

17.  Define sanctuaries?195

18.  Write any five names of WLS in Tamilnadu?195

19.  Write any five names of national parks in Tamilnadu?195

20.  What is biosphere reserve?196

21.  Differentiate insitu and exsitu conservation?197

22.  What is sacred groves?197

Five marks

1.      Give a detailed account on levels of biodiversity?182

2.      Describe the major functional attributes of biodiversity?184

3.      Explain species area relationship?185

4.      Write the causes of biodiversity loss?189

5.      Describe about exotic species invasion?190

6.      Describe in detail about extinction and its types?192

7.      Explain about exsitu conservation strategy? 197

Chapter 12: Environmental Issues

Two and three marks

1.      Define pollution and pollutants?201

2.      How will you classify the pollutants? 202

3.      Define biomagnification? Explain with example?210

4.      What is called eutrophication?210

5.       What is called accelerated eutrophication?210

6.      Define BOD?211

7.      What is called activated sludge?211

8.      What is organic farming? 212

9.      List out the Waste management practices?214

10.  Write about the medical waste disposal methods?215

11.  Define e waste?215

12.  What is the best available remedy for plastic waste pollution?215

13.  Discuss briefly about ecosan toilets? 215

Five marks

14.  Discus in detail about waste water treatment?210

15.  Explain the Methods of disposal of radioactive wastes?214

16.  Give an account on Control and Management of radioactive waste?214


The body achives what the mind believes

  Prepared by Mr. Sivakumar


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