Best NEET Coaching Centre in Tamilnadu

Best NEET Coaching Centre in Tamilnadu

Re-Employment of retired employees- Revised instructions issued -Regarding- Finance Department


I invite your kind attention to the Government letters 18 to 5th cited wherein you were requested to : 

( a ) get prior approval of the Government for appointment of retired employees of State Public Sector Undertakings / Statutory Boards on re - employment basis ; 

( b ) formulate a succession plan to train the available manpower periodically duly taking into account the retirement date of the officers holding the key positions to ensure smooth flow of work by the successors in carrying out the routine functions of the Organization ; and 

( c ) desist from forwarding proposals to Government for re - employment of the retired persons to carry out the routine functions in a regular fashion excepting for specialized / top managerial positions in a really exceptional circumstances , purely in the public interest


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