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  1. Dear Teachers Your Strike is meaningless why?
    1) You Teachers Say We are against CPS. Is is quite natural? it must be noted that, when at the time of joining as a teacher, you have agreed to the CPS, Now why you are striking against government.

    2) It may be noted that when a teacher retired from service, they are starting a school. Paying lesser salary to their school teachers, and making money.

    Whereas now you are asking more and more benefits from the like 7th pay commission arrears. is it correct?

    3) Government teacher are not sending their children to government school, the reason given by the teachers during the Strike is,
    Government Schools are not neat !!!!!!!!
    Government Schools are not clean !!!!!
    Government school environment is not clean !!!!!!
    My question if your house is not clean, are you vacate the house? or quit the house?
    Are you not adjusting with the environment?

    It seems to be you all are giving false information to pubic.
    you must conclude your strike and continue with a government mechanism.
    Thanks and regards


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