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பள்ளிகளை திடீர் ஆய்வு மூலம் கண்காணிக்க ஆய்வு அலுவலர்களுக்கு மெட்ரிக் பள்ளிகள் இயக்குநர் உத்தரவு.

With reference to the letter cited, wherein it has been stated that students and their parents are thronging the Schools across the state for getting 9th Marksheet and 10th Transfer Certificates for joining higher secondary class. Similarly these students are flocking the Higher Secondary Schools for getting application for admission. 

Due to this, large crowd is witnessed in many of the schools in various districts and most of them are not following safety norm Hence, all the Chief Educational Officers are strictly instructed to instruct the school authorities to implement safety guidelines and ensure that admission process is being carried out without any safety violations. 

The Inspecting Officials are also instructed to conduct surprise visits to the schools to monitor the compliance of above instruction by the school authorities.




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